Since the beginning of the company we have been manufacturing of groats. By using the long-standing tradition, perfected over many years, we offer the following groats:

  • roasted hulled buckwheat whole,
  • unroasted hulled buckwheat whole,
  • broken roasted hulled buckwheat,
  • broken unroasted hulled buckwheat,
  • cracow buckwheat groats,
  • barley groats: thick, medium, petite;
  • pearl barley,
  • hulled millet,
  • corn grits.

Possible forms of packaging:

  • 25 kg paper bag or polypropylene with label,
  • 50 kg polypropylene bag,
  • Big bag 1000 kg;
  • Bulk – auto type tipper (minimum batches – 24 tons).

On request we can also prepare the goods in other weights.

We have our own transport.